Vous Êtes Sexy

A couple of years ago I wanted to interview most of the people around me. I had come to a place in my life in Bombay where I knew achingly interesting … Continue reading

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A note to el

It was father’s day a few days ago There were all these notes floating around the internet from fathers to daughters. And it made me think if my father would ever write … Continue reading

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Shuchir, food and a whole lotta talk.

Shuchir Suri likes girls with neatly manicured nails and good food. I think in that order. But we’re going to focus on the latter. There are very few people who … Continue reading

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We fought Of course we fought. It’s what my father and I do before agreeing on anything. This time it was about which restaurant to have my mothers surprise birthday … Continue reading

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  Writing about friends is as easy as curing the common cold. It’s just…. not. How do you compress a constant feeling and shape it into words. It’s terribly insufficient. … Continue reading

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I last met him 23 years ago. He was my dads cousin. Sudhir. Tall, moustached, dapper, chain smoker, artist extraordinaire, loud raspy voice, witty, well spoken. He had a flair … Continue reading

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: Prarthna Singh :

Twelve by Prarthna Singh Prarthna Singh was an 18-year-old liberal arts student in Florida when, as part of her course; she stepped into a dark room to develop photographs for … Continue reading

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